1 Big Benefit of Lighting Retrofits That You May Not Know About

LED lighting has proven to be more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional florescent tubes, CFL, high pressure sodium, or metal halide lighting. As a result many manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse facilities are evaluating and proceeding with LED lighting retrofits reducing their energy and maintenance costs. Quantifying the cost reductions into savings sometimes is enough to justify the expense of proceeding with a lighting upgrade project.

However, what is often not considered are the non-utility-cost financial benefits. These significant benefits can be quantified and can far outweigh the energy and maintenance savings with an LED lighting upgrade. Consider how much profit a 1% gain in productivity could generate with improved facility and workplace lighting. What about a 5% reduction in safety occurrences? If overall product quality were improved by 3% what does that mean to the cost of defective goods, re-works and customer quality claims? 

When an LED lighting upgrade is being considered, factoring in the non-utility-cost financial benefits can make a marginally justifiable project an easily justifiable project. We offer a full suite of services including lighting audits, product selection, turnkey services, rebate processing and financing.  Contact us to discover how to take full advantage of all the benefits a lighting upgrade can bring to your facility. 

Maven Lighting

Maven Lighting


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