Why You Should Consider An Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade

The lighting trend is clearly going in one direction: LED.

Whether for offices, warehouses, underground garages, or as safety lighting for the areas around your home, LED is worthwhile in several ways. Because not only does the environment benefits from the light-emitting diodes but also your wallet.

With LEDs, you save up to 90% on energy costs, and that’s not all. We have three other strong arguments in favor of switching to LEDs that will calm both your financial and environmental conscience. Just know that the days of energy-saving lamps, halogens, and flickering fluorescent tubes are over.

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Are you thinking of upgrading your lighting? Here we show you four good reasons for switching to LED lighting so that you can make the right decision for your property!

1. Save Cost

For every home or property owner, lighting is a permanent cost factor. Even when you aren’t there in the building, you need to keep your property lit for security reasons. Therefore, by converting your outdated luminaires with modern LEDs, you can effectively reduce the monthly lighting cost.

2. No Maintenance

Since most lights are hung at extreme heights, you cannot run their maintenance often. This increases maintenance costs, which sometimes also includes repair costs. That’s why experts recommend switching to LEDs as they are maintenance-free. This way, you can save both money and time spent running maintenance and repair checks every month.

3. Reduces CO2 Emissions

As LEDs consume little energy, less energy is required to produce light. Hence, the emission of CO2 is reduced by over one ton per year for every individual building. Moreover, LEDs contain no mercury and can be recycled. They are also less dangerous to the air and water supply than other light sources. Therefore, the change to LED lights ensures your overall environmental footprint.

4. Increases Productivity

According to the reports, conventional fluorescent tubes flicker about 50 times per second due to the frequencies of the mains voltage (50 Hz). Even if the flickering is not directly visible to the human eye, the subconscious mind perceives it.

On the other hand, LED lights emit a calm light and do not flicker. Even better, headache and eye pain caused by working in low lighting conditions is noticeably reduced by LEDs. This, in turn, improves the workers’ mood, alertness, and performance.

All in all, the sooner you have a lighting upgrade, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits to the fullest. Because with the new LED lights installed, there is nothing for you to do other than to sit back, relax, and enjoy the lower lighting bills and well-lit space! Click here to grab your LED lighting from Maven Lighting today. We offer premium quality lighting products and ensure a hassle-free delivery anywhere in Irving, TX, at economical rates!

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