7 Landscape Lighting Tips For Winters

As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, it’s a great time to redesign your landscape lighting for your home in Texas. The proper lighting adds beauty and security to your home’s exteriors and creates the perfect environment for outdoor activities like campfires (if the temperature allows).

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In today’s blog, we list 7 useful landscape lighting tips to brighten your home this winter 

#1 Bury The Wires

As you clear out autumn leaves or early snowfall, look closely for exposed underground wires that may become unearthed during summer. If that is the case, bury the wires immediately as exposed wires are safety hazards (and violations of the code). If someone trips on wires or an animal chew on them, you will risk short-circuiting your outdoor lighting.

#2 Add Path Lighting

Secondly, you can consider installing path lighting to your landscape to avoid any tripping accidents. Path lights also provide a welcoming feel to your visitors.

#3 Upgrade Your Fixtures

You should also consider upgrading your exterior light fixtures to cast bronze. These fixtures offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability ideal for the season. Comprising copper, tin, zinc, and lead bronze lighting fixtures are resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for the outdoor environment.

#4 Clean Your Fixtures

If you are already using bronze exterior lighting fixtures, be sure to restore their shine before the holiday season. You can apply polyurethane matte-finish clear coating (rated for the outdoors) or use WD-40 and thoroughly clean the bronze fixtures with a rag.

You should perform maintenance for your lighting fixtures every change of season.

#5 Adjust The Angles

There are some parts of the landscaping that you want to showcase during the winters. So adjust the angles of your fixtures likewise.

For instance, you would want to focus on plants and trees with foliage in the winter months. And you may also want to dim the lights on less interesting areas of the landscape, such as dry patches. Part of efficient lighting design also includes eliminating unnecessary fixtures.

#6 Add Some Uplighting

Uplighting fixtures are placed on the ground or at a low level, and they throw light upwards. These fixtures can be installed to create a dramatic effect for your seasonal landscape. You can use uplights to focus on structures and foliage, parts of the landscape that are not so prominent the rest of the year.

#7 Highlight Fixtures During Snow Removal

Finally, in areas with snowfall, it is important to highlight fixtures when plowing away snow. Homeowners can install flags or poles to mark lighting fixtures buried under the snow to avoid any electrical damage.

That’s about it! You may also want to check out our blog on outdoor Christmas lighting options.

At Maven Lighting, we provide the best residential and commercial lighting solutions in Fort Worth, TX. Click here to get a free estimate.

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