4 Mind-Blowing Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Are you thinking of constructing or remodeling the kitchen in your home? Don’t forget to focus on the lighting of the space. Since the kitchen is the busiest room in any house, it needs to have good lighting to ensure you can complete all the tasks promptly. Besides this, better lighting also improves the ambiance of the kitchen. But how can you know if your kitchen is well-lit?

Well, it begins with under cabinet lights! These hidden fixtures may seem transparent, but they are a boon for everything. From reading recipes to dicing vegetables and adding a modern and streamlined style to your kitchen, under cabinet lightening is an essential element for any kitchen.

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If you are looking for ideas to set up under cabinet lighting in your kitchen, here are four ways to do it efficiently.

1. Illuminate the Backsplash

If you have a dark-colored countertop, you can use a soft diffused under cabinet light to keep the kitchen from looking too dull or dark. This will not only illuminate the backsplash but also give your kitchen a lively look. However, it all depends on how many under cabinets light you use and the spots you choose to fix them.

2. Clutter-Free Kitchen

You might like bringing your phones/tablets or laptops in the kitchen to work or watch something while cooking. Here, an under cabinet lighting system with brackets to hold your device is a great way to keep your kitchen clutter-free. This way, you will have a convenient space to perform your tasks and the right amount of lighting to see everything clearly.

3. Focused Task Lighting

When you have under cabinet lighting in your kitchen, you won’t worry about shadows or lack of illumination affecting the tasks at hand. However, you may need to consider the type of lighting you plan to install in your kitchen. For instance, puck or disk lights are essential if your upper cabinets are deep and set close to the countertop. 

4. Indirect Lighting at Night

Seeing bright lights at night can cause flashes and light sparks in vision, which ultimately provoke vision problems such as photophobia. Therefore, it’s better to install under cabinet lights that allow you to dim the glow of lighting in the kitchen according to your preference. Moreover, you can balance the ambience as well as task lighting required for your work area.

All in all, there may be many options to light up your kitchen; none of them is as practical or sufficient as under cabinet lighting. Not only will they give your kitchen a warm and sophisticated look, but also provide much-need illumination to the workspace.

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