5 Reasons to Upgrade Outdated Lighting

1. Energy Efficiency: if you’re one of those home owners that is all about energy efficiency, going LED is the only way to go. LED lamps and fixtures reduce energy consumption up to 80% over their traditional counterparts and if your home has a lot of recessed can lighting; you’re also reducing the amount of heat that is going back up into the ceiling. This helps your AC run more efficiently.

2. Smart Lighting & Home Automation: are you crazy about home automation? If you’re into controlling everything in your home via an app LEDs are the solution. You can use smart switches to dim and turn on/off, but if you want to add color or change color temperature in certain areas you’ll need specific LED lights all of which are conveniently controlled by, you guessed it, an app. Create different moods and scenes using RGB and tuneable lighting. Your guests will be impressed!

3. Remodeling: if you’re going through a major remodel, especially kitchens, now’s the time to upgrade to LED. If you’re going to spend some serious dough on cabinets and expensive countertops and backsplashes highlight them with under/over and in cabinet lighting. If you’re painting walls be sure to upgrade your lighting BEFORE painting. LEDs have a higher color rendering index which means that the paint you looked at under your old lighting is most likely going to look different under LED lighting. Save yourself the expense of redoing the paint!

4. Exterior Enhancement: are you meticulous about your yard? Do you covet the neighborhood yard of the year award? Don’t let all your hard work disappear at night. Make your house visible and safe at night by adding LED exterior and low voltage landscape lighting. These will enhance your homes exterior, and provides accents and definition to the yard, flower beds, trees, water features, and pathways. 

5. Good for the Environment: if you like doing things that are good for the environment, and honestly that should be all of us, than upgrade to LED. CFL tubes and lamps contain mercury and need to be disposed of properly. 

From fixture selection to installation we’re here to help you with any lighting project. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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