Increase The Beauty (And Security) Of Your Home With Exterior Landscape Lighting

Choosing the right landscaping lighting can turn your exterior from basic to bling and make your guests feel very welcome. Quality lighting can bring your exteriors to life with a flip of a switch and add personality to landscaping and hardscaping features that are dull during the day.

However, selecting exterior light fixtures can be a daunting task, considering the variety of options you have. That’s why you should start by educating yourself about all your external lighting possibilities. 

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Here’s landscape lighting 101. 

Plan It Out

When it comes to aesthetics, ‘less is more’ holds true, especially for landscaping lighting. You may like to brighten every nook and cranny of your driveway or patio, but that ruins the interplay of light and darkness at night (and also increases your power bills).

That’s why you should plan out your lighting needs. Draw or take photos of major landscape elements like fences, trees, and pathways. Also, mark out existing or proposed outdoor receptacles.

Don’t just rely on Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, as photos don’t always do justice to the magic of exterior lighting. Instead, keep your eyes open for ideas when you take an evening walk or drive. 

You can also use a strong flashlight for simulation. For a downlighting effect, hold the flashlight above the proposed object or surface. For uplighting, hold it below the object. 

If you want to achieve a sophisticated effect, feel free to talk to our landscape lighting designers at Maven Lighting

What Are The Options?

When it comes to exterior light fixtures, the possibilities are endless. Some of the popular options include:

  • Hanging/Pendant lights (entrance, porches)
  • In-ground lights (walls, trees, fences)
  • Spotlights (shrubs, fountains, statues)
  • Path lights (driveway, walkway, patio)
  • Floodlights (trees, stonework, driveways)
  • Recessed lights (decks, garage doors, stairs, railings, posts)
  • Lanterns (gates, doors)  

Narrow down the list of lighting products based on your needs and budget. But you also have to consider technical aspects, such as voltage, brightness, and color temperature.  

Consider The Voltage

Strong lights powered by a 120-volt current are ideal for entrances and large areas like decks or driveways. These lights are also ideal for security applications.  

Low-voltage home lighting fixtures (12-v to 15-v) can be used for decorative purposes where less light is sufficient. You can also go for solar-powered lights for pathways and other landscaping areas directly exposed to the sun.

It’s easy to install most low-voltage fixtures on your own without special tools. But you have to call in professionals for powerful lights. These have to be connected directly to the circuit box, and the cables must be buried at least 18 inches in the ground. 

Lumen output can be subjective. Look for exterior lighting fixtures that allow you to control the brightness. 

Finally, don’t ignore the color temperature. For the best effects, go for lighting products in the same color family as the objects you are lighting them with. At Maven Lighting, we provide the best residential and commercial lighting solutions in Fort Worth, TXClick here to get a free estimate for our services. 

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